Please copy and paste this into word, print and sign it.  You can deliver or fax this to our offices. 




The Manager

Merctrust Real Estate

Mount pleasant



Dear Sirs,


Re:____________________________(Property address)


This letter serves as my/our instruction to you to sell my our property at the above address and I/we confirm that you have been appointed to sell the property at an asking price of $__________________


This mandate confirms your appointment as:


*one of our agents


*sole agents for a period of_____________________________ (*please delete the inapplicable)


This mandate remains in force until cancelled by me/us in writing, or until the property is sold, whichever is the sooner.  As seller, I/we undertake to advise you of any change in the terms of this mandate, and to notify you of any price changes, options given or if the property is sold privately or by another agent.


Your commission will be deducted from the abovementioned sale price should you arrange a satisfactory sale . In this regard, I/We agree to pay commission at the rate of 7,5% of the sale price. I understand that this scale is higher than the statutory minimum scale of fees, but is permitted by the Estate Agents Council in terms of Statutory Instrument 220/1987. 


In the event that I/we refuse an offer at the asking price during the currency of the mandate, I acknowledge that Merctrust has the right to recover advertising costs and administration fees. In the event that a buyer is introduced during the mandate, who subsequently purchases the property within three months of the termination of this mandate, I acknowledge that Merctrust will be entitled to commission.


Yours faithfully






Signed............................................            Dated....................................