Add to the value of your property

First impressions are lasting!

    We ensure that MAXIMUM EXPOSURE is gained for your property. With your help and assistance we may be able to get you a better price. There are a few things that you should keep in mind.


    TAKE a look at your property through the prospective buyer's eyes. You can do this by standing outside your home and noticing things that the prospective buyer would notice. Gardens and lawns - are they well presented? Is all the rubbish removed and are the paths cleared?


    The neat and tidy home says" welcome". If the prospective buyer is going to buy your home they must first be able to imagine themselves living in it.

    Prospective buyers see repairs as expensive.  Minor repairs that need doing may only cost a few dollars to carry out, but failure to do them may cost you thousands of dollars in your final sale price, so;-

        DO fix leaking taps.

        DO repaint the patio floor ( pay particular attention to the entrance)

        DO oil squeaky hinges and windows

        DO repair broken window panes

        DO tighten loose door knobs

        DO repair minor cracks

        DO revamp your pool so that it is working and sparkling clean

        DON'T carry out major expensive repairs without consulting us first. i.e.: a paint job might do wonders at improving the complete look of your house however it might be an unnecessary expense if the house looks fine just as it is.


    Open the curtains and let your house have a light and airy feeling. On dull days you might need to turn on the lights to give a cosier feeling before the prospective purchasers arrive. You might have to cut back creepers which prevent light from entering into rooms.


    On a cold winter day turn the heater on or light the fire if you have one. On a hot summer day try and keep the house as cool as possible. This will give the prospective buyer a feeling of wanting to stay there rather than venturing back outside again.


    Avoid having people in the house during inspections. This not only makes a room appear smaller, but stops the prospective buyer from having a good look, and if he/she is going to buy he needs to get involved in the home. Avoid following the sales person around as it makes the prospective buyer feel like he/she is an intruder in your home.


    It is advisable to turn televisions and stereos off during inspections as they can be very distracting. Please keep your pets out of the way and ensure they are quiet and contained.


    Be polite and don't force conversation with the potential buyer, he/she is there to inspect your home. If he/she asks you questions about the home or the district, always answer them truthfully and directly.


    Remember not to apologise for the appearance or condition of your home. Don't discuss the details of the transaction such as price or terms with the prospective buyer; that's what we are being paid for.  Do not allow the prospective Purchaser to inspect the house without us present.


    Your Merctrust Real Estate representative will always work together with you. If you feel we have overlooked any selling benefits of your home, feel free to discuss them in private or give us a call, please remember we are here to help.

"Its the 'TRUST' in our name that makes the difference"

Pricing your property correctly

    In simple terms, the price a property will fetch is determined by what the buyer is prepared to pay.

    This, in turn is influenced by recent sales in the area, other properties currently for sale, the economic climate and the way in which the property is marketed. Overpricing is the surest way to preclude a sale. Properties that sell quickest are usually those that are being offered at a price that is market related.

    Problems can arise from over-valuation of the property such as:

        Loss of genuine prospective buyers who are discouraged by the unrealistic asking price.   A price fixed above market value precludes offers which may have been worth considering.

        The agent is discouraged from spending time and effort on marketing an over-priced property.

        Valuable time is lost trying to achieve an unrealistic price. The price may eventually have to be reduced below a realistic level because the seller becomes desperate to sell.

        Some agencies deliberately overprice to impress the seller and keep the mandate away from other agencies.

    Beware of any agent who tells you he can obtain a very much higher figure.  Such agents may promise you the world as an inducement for you to sign up with them, knowing that the passage of time will force you to drop your price to " meet the market ".

"Agents interpret the market but they do not create it"

Marketing your property correctly


    In developed countries, approximately 60% of all buyers make their first contact with an agent from advertisements or "For Sale" signs. They provide a 24 hour advertisement for the sale of your property and the word gets around very quickly.  So let your agent place a sign outside your property and enhance your chances of securing a buyer in the shortest time.


"It's an invasion of privacy"

    "I don't want sightseers coming through my house"

    "What about security?"

These are typical reactions of sellers when they first think about putting their homes on show. Very understandable too. However, the reason why estate agents spend so much time and effort on showdays is that they work, for the estate agent and the seller.


        THE SELLER has time to prepare the property to its most marketable state and can therefore expect to achieve the best possible price.

        THE BUYERS and their families can view the property at their leisure, and can visualise themselves living there.

        A BUYER is able to ask about the property freely during the Seller's absence eliminating any fear of offending the Seller.

        COMPETITION is created when several buyers come to view the property, particularly when one or more show interest.

        PLANNED inspection times make it easier for you to put away valuables, have your property looking at its best when it counts, and allow you to live normally at other times.

        SHOWDAYS generally result in an earlier sale of the property.


    Sales Mandates

    A sales mandate is a contract in terms of which the agent undertakes to perform services for the client.

    There are 3 types of sales mandate:

        OPEN MANDATE - the seller may give the mandate to sell to more than one estate agency.

        A SOLE MANDATE - is given to only one estate agency which is then entitled to the commission, irrespective of who sells the property, unless the owner sells his own property, in which case no commission is payable.

        EXCLUSIVE MANDATE - the agent will be entitled to commission regardless of who sells the property, even if the owner sells it himself.

        A Sole Mandate is a desirable part of the overall marketing strategy for your property, as you will see from the following points:

        There is basically only one pool of buyers, so dealing with more than one agent does not necessarily mean reaching a bigger market.

        The buyers should compete for the property, not the agents. An open mandate risks the property being sold at a lower price as there is a mad scramble between competing agents to close the transaction.

        A sole mandate offers the Seller higher priority marketing of his property because the agent knows that time and effort spent on trying to sell the property will not be in vain due to another agent selling the property. A sole mandate therefore encouragesa concentrated effort by the sole agent.

        In an open mandate sale, conflict may arise about which agent is entitled to commission, possibly resulting in multiple claims against the Seller.

        Your property may become "shop soiled" due to over exposure if it is with too many agents.

        Your privacy and security are protected where only one agency deals with the buyers and brings them to the property.

    "Total control will enable the agent
    to achieve top price on your behalf"

    Things to remember when moving house


            Cancel the electricity account (ZESA)

            Redirect your mail

            Cancel your telephone (P.T.C.)


            Advise insurance companies and cancel home owners Insurance

            Advise banks and building societies (if applicable)

            Advise credit card companies

            Advise companies you have investments or shares in

            Change address on bank cards, rubber stamps, etc.


            Advise schools, colleges, kindergartens etc.

            Advise employers

            Advise doctor, dentist and clinic

            Advise clubs, children's associations, scouts etc.

            Advise friends, relatives and neighbours

            Advise magazines and subscriptions

            Advise product distributors